Mud Stock Class Tire Style1&2

    1. Original "Stomper Style" Equipment Only. Hill Hustlers, Rough Riders, Super Climbers are allowed.
    2. Water Demons, Tanks and Semis are not allowed in this class.
    3. Style 1; Original skinny Schaper style tire only. Can be foam or rubber.
    4. Style 2; Original wide Schaper or Rough Rider style tire only.
    5. Tires may be cut. No Dual Wheels or Tires allowed. No semi tires allowed.
    6. Light and High or Low gears may be removed.
    7. Fenders or Fender Wells may be cut out and other body modifications are allowed but must look presentable.
    8. AA Battery must be located in factory position.
    9. Front Body Mounting Tab must be used and no modifications to the Front Tab are allowed. If modifications are necessary to repair a broken Tab it must be inspected and approved by the Track Official.
    10. Rear Hitch cannot be higher than 1" from flat surface.
    11. Vehicle must have a Front Bumper in the stock position and the ends cannot be cut off.
    12. Vehicle cannot weigh less than 2.5 oz. and cannot weigh more than 4 oz.
    13. Any amount of tape or silicone can be used to keep water out of the chassis.
    14. Once a vehicle body has been used it cannot be switched over to another chassis.