Show-Me Stomper Pulling Association

Stomper Pulling Rules

  1. General Rules

1. Drivers will draw numbers for pulling order

2. First puller has the option to pull over at the end of the round but must use the 2nd measurement.

3. All vehicles of a present class must be teched before the first driver pulls. Once a vehicle is teched, it must be placed on the staging table and may not be removed unless granted permission by an event official.

4. Winning drivers and vehicles must remain at the staging table until positions have been awarded.

5. The event officials will oversee the boundaries, shutdown and staging areas. Calls by track judge are not protestable.

6. Length of Full Pull is 60"

7. Width of the pulling track is 12"

8. Pull is stopped and marked when the sled is no longer moving or when the vehicle goes off the track or out of bounds.

9. Because of lack of control of a battery operated vehicle, once the vehicle leaves the starting point the driver can bump the vehicle once to guide it back on track. You cannot pick up the truck during the pull. You are not allowed to push down on the vehicle if it loses traction even if you have not touched the vehicle prior to itís losing traction.

10. If the vehicle flips on itís side or top, it is disqualified.

11. If a malfunction with the sled or chain arises, puller will be allowed to re-hook or wait until the end of the round to re-pull. The 1st driver still has the option to pull after this driver.

12. If anything falls off of the vehicle while itís pulling, being hooked up or unhooked from the sled, it will be disqualified.

13. Hitch may be stock bumper or a round eye screw may be used. The hitch should not be more than 1 ľ" from flat surface.

14. If two or more pullers tie or make Full Pulls they will pull again after the round is completed. A minimum of 3oz. must be added to sled for the pull-off. The Stock Stomper 4x4 Class should start out with 10oz. in the sled. Batteries may not be changed before the pull-off.

15. Items and/or modifications not specifically addressed in the individual classes or covered by the general rules are not allowed.

16. Suggestions of change or additions to rules must be submitted in writing prior to the event with ample time for all pullers to agree and make changes to their vehicles.


II. Tech Inspections

1. All vehicles will be teched prior to the start of each class.

2. Vehicles will be placed on the staging table after being teched and not removed until positions are awarded to that class.

3. If you need to work on your vehicle after itís been teched, it must be worked on before itís your turn and it must be reteched before you pull, with permission of the track judge.


III. Protests

  1. Any protest must be brought to the attention of an official at the time of infraction.
  2. If the item protested is easily checkable, it will be verified at that time. Otherwise, it will be investigated at the conclusion of the class.
  3. If the vehicle is found to be in violation, then forfeiture of the class is imposed and the vehicle is retained by the organization as a source for replacement parts.
  4. Owner of that vehicle may remove add-ons prior to relinquishing the vehicle (switches, weights, etc.)
  5. Event Officialís word is final. Officialís judgment on boundaries, staging, and pull distances are not protestable.

IV. New Rules

  1. As the competitive levels have increased greatly over the past two years each vehicle will be weighed on a digital scale. The food scales used in the past were very close in measuring the weight of our vehicles but these days even ľ oz. could give a leading edge. Thank you for your cooperation.

  3. Trucks must be teched and signed up before the scheduled time of the event. If you cannot be there with your trucks make arrangements for the Event Officialís to tech your trucks in for you. We must get started on time as the number of trucks have increased at every event.